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WaterMaster 800 18820

Step up to the new way to water your Dairy herd. The WaterMaster 800 is specifically designed for dairies with input from dairy owners. Featuring a heavy one-piece, fully insulated polyethylene body that holds up even under the weight of cows. The trough slopes to large drains, and can be emptied, cleaned, and refilled in a fraction of the time other waterers take to empty, helping you maintain a clean drinking environment. The WaterMaster requires 75% less energy in the winter than concrete units and they won’t pit or cause cleaning problems.



WaterMaster 800 18820

Key Features

  • Maintain a clean environment with an easy to clean surface and drain plug in the water seal groove
  • Ruggedly built for dairy operations
  • Deeper trough with more water capacity, 52 gallons
  • Designed to fill an entire 8′ end wall in crossover alleys, no wasted space
  • Straight sides to fit flush against wall
  • Center valve design for easy install on either side of alleyways
  • 3″ drain plug at each end for fast easy cleaning
  • Designed for up to 180 Dairy Cows


*Package dimensions are listed for individual parts for shipping purposes
Part No.18820
Overall Height27in/68.58cm
Shipping Weight150lb/68.04kg
Drinking Height24in/60.96cm
Herd Capacity360 beef, 180 dairy


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WaterMaster 800 18820

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Step up to the new way to water your Dairy herd. The WaterMaster 800 is

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