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CattleMaster 10T 18700

The CattleMaster 10T is a taller waterer option featuring a 10 foot long fully insulated, impact resistant casing, a fast refill valve and overall heat coverage. Ideal for large pastures or pens. Waters up to 400 beef or 200 dairy. Drink height is 25″



EAN: 0190000181967

CattleMaster fountains provide the best of both worlds: blending technology from traditional stainless steel units and the newest poly units, to provide a premier livestock waterer. Featuring thermostatically controlled heat for ice-free operation and Ritchie’s fast refill valve, Cattlemaster fountains will satisfy your herd’s hydration needs in any climate. The casing of the CattleMaster 10T offers a taller drink height and is made from Ritchie’s heavy-duty, impact resistant polyethylene construction. The roto-molded construction is heavily insulated for energy efficiency and employs UV inhibitors for extended life.


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